Well done Irene and Neville

“The evening news starts with ‘Good Evening’ and thenproceeds to tell us why it isn’t!”Irene and Neville Aurousseau celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary recently. A slap-up Chinese dinner was in order and they are both looking forward to sharing many more years together.Caity Callender is off to Sydney for TAFE. Caity is completing her last year, and her major work, as a jeweller at the Sydney Design Centre at Enmore. Keep up the fabulous work, Caity!Michael Ziegler and Nadine Desantis were out and about for the long weekend enjoying what Moruya has to offer in the way of breakfast for Sunday mornings. This very attractive couple from the Bay do this on a regular basis, really enjoying what the shire has to offer.Sharon Callender, proprietor of the Bodalla Bakery, is very excited about her new venture, Sugar Pie at the Narooma Plaza, opening on July 2. We wish Sharon and her husband all the best in their new venture. If the “goodies” are anything like the Bodalla Bakery offerings, then count us in!Happy birthday to dear little Taylor Griffith, celebrating her glorious second birthday with a party for family and friends last Monday!Phil Mayberry, from Mogo Nursery, is off to Arnhem Land to teach agriculture at an indigenous school. Great way to escape the South Coast winter, Phil, and do something really worthwhile at the same time!Jenny Scott and three girlfriends have just arrived back from a short break in Cairns, where it was sunny and 26 degrees most days.They snorkelled on a reef tour, went to Kuranda on the train (and return by skyrail), drove to the Atherton Tablelands, and also to the Daintree and Port Tribulation.On their return to Sydney, they spent a couple of nights there, and did touristy things like coffee in Bondi, a ferry ride to Manly for lunch, dinner in Chinatown, and saw the Vivid light show that is currently on in the city at night.Jenny said it was just lovely!Mrs Farrington-Smyth has found more than a hot toddy to sip by the fire at the snow. We haven’t heard from her for over a week, so everything must be “cosy”.DYK? Buying instant mashed potato and keeping it for emergencies in the pantry is a great way to ensure you always have delicious mash for warm winter dinners, and it keeps for 12 months.YUM: Whether Royalist or Republican, you have to admit that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations were very enjoyable for everyone, a few days of good news instead of gloom!YUK: If you are travelling between Moruya and the Bay, add 10 minutes to your ETA as the George Bass Drive roadworks at Tomakin are slowing traffic considerably, especially around 8am to 9am and then again at knock-off time in the afternoon.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

How would you go on The Amazing Race

WithIN a word, badly.Every time I watch that show I think “however big the pot of gold is at the end of this rainbow, it can’t be worth it – people, just turn around and go home”.When I see the words “Bobby and Jenny – dating, in fourth place” at the bottom of the screen as the said couple are battling their way through the streets of Istanbul, I half expect to tune in next week and see “Bobby and Jenny – no longer dating and in fact not talking either, in last place”.My only hope of not being the first eliminated would lie with my wife, whom I would imagine I would be teamed with.She has the practical brains, logic and composure in ourmarriage.The other day when I couldn’t find a house in Batehaven, instead of panicking and telling me what a boofhead I was, she remained calm and told me how clever I was and that this was why we would get there on time.As a result, we did. Having said this, if I struggle to find an address in Batehaven, how would I go looking for a statue in Guatemala or a Mickey Mouse watch hidden under a pile of rocks in Uzbekistan?I love travelling and I usually manage to find the things I’m looking for, whether it be Macchu Picchu in Peru, St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia or the Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai.However, this is usually due to luck and the kindness of strangers who can spot a clueless tourist when they see one.Deadlines, schedules and specific instructions have never been my go.In The Amazing Race I’d get sent to find Big Ben and end up at a pie factory.I’d be sent to the Great Wall of China and end up at a car dealership. I’d be sent to the Grand Canyon and end up at ANZ Stadium. I’d be sent to Stonehenge and end up at Nimbin.No, I won’t be applying to join The Amazing Race any time soon.WithI like to think I could handle such a challenge but, realistically, I don’t think I’d go very well.First, my patience level would have to double, maybe quadruple, just to be able to put up with whomever my team-mate was, or the producers would have some great quality reality television on their hands.See, I’m the sort of person who likes to make all the decisions and, yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit of a control freak.I don’t know how the contestants hold it together and put up with each other.The anxiety, pressure and backstabbing would make my blood boil within the first five minutes.Being in the media makes me feel like I’m racing all the time but, somehow, I think an epic non-stop race around the world would be a little bit different.For one thing, I find it hard to make decisions while travelling.It’s taken me three days just to decide what bag I should take with me on my overseas trip to Japan and Thailand this week.Wheels or backpack?If it came down to it, I would find it incredibly hard when contestants have to choose which activity they have to do, and to keep my cool at the same time.I think being adventurous is another quality contestants have to possess, which I can do at times, just as long as activities don’t involve snakes, spiders or relying on a rope for dear life.I went abseiling in March and I thought I was going to die.I don’t think that’s Amazing Race material.Being on The Amazing Race would be literally amazing (sorry, I know it’s a no-no to use the same word twice in a sentence, but how else was I going to put it?) but I think I’d prefer to see the world at a slower pace.I’d also love not to have cameras shoved in my face, watching my every move and capturing every meltdown.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Bay Breakers do coaches proud

THE Batemans Bay Breakers Basketball Club sent 45 players in all directions around the state to make up its six-team contingent for the annual NSW Country Championships.The under-16 girls traveled to Maitland with coach Paul Martin, where they recorded a hard fought win against Cessnock.Close by in Newcastle, the under-14 girls also notched up a win against Cessnock with their coaches all “happy with the team’s efforts”.Out west in Bathurst, the under-16 boys played some competitive games and coach Kylie Armstrong said she was “extremely impressed” with the boys’ efforts against some strong opposition.In Wollongong, the under-14 boys had a successful tournament with wins over Illawarra, Newcastle and Gosford.However, the team narrowly missed out on a semi-final berth after a countback.Coach Geoff Armstrong said he couldn’t be prouder of the boys.“With the boys being bottom age along with two under 12s playing up a year, this was a great result,” he said.Further south and closer to home in Nowra, Batemans Bay had two under-12 girls teams competing.The younger development team found the going tough but never gave up, while the A team was competitive with wins over Canberra, Illawarra and Newcastle.They only went down by seven points to Moss Vale, who was the eventual winner of the division.“Coaches David Blewitt and Sarah Burke have done a great job developing this age group,” Breakers spokeswoman Angela Rankin said.Breakers referees were also well represented with Brodie Cockayne, Monique Leddy and Nikki Lawarik taking charge of matches.“Congratulations to Nikki Lawarik who was selected to officiate the under-12 boys division one grand final,” Rankin said.Meanwhile back at Hanging Rock, its finals time for the Batemans Bay competition.Signature Electrical Services won the under-12 mixed division over Quota on Tuesday, while in the under-14 girls Catalina Country Club found form late in the season to take the victory over WIRES.On Monday, there will be three titles up for grabs starting at 5pm with the under-14 boys, while at 6pm the youth girls will play before the youth boys grand final at 7pm.Nominations are now being taken for the next Batemans Bay junior competition, which will start in term three.Please email [email protected]南京夜网 for any junior basketball inquires.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Depleted Dolphins admit slip up is possible

ON TARGET: Broulee Dolphin PJ Cullen has been in good form for Ron Rae’s side so far this season.AT the midway point of the season, you would probably think that injuries are the biggest threat to a rugby union side.But in the Broulee Dolphins’ case this weekend, it’s the Wallabies who will leave them short for their trip to Milton to take on the Platypuses.Six of Ron Rae’s men will be in Melbourne this weekend to watch Australian stars such as Will Genia take on Six Nations champions Wales in the second Test.On top of that, three injuries to other players have left the Dolphins heavily depleted for a match that Rae said had the potential to be a proverbial banana peel.“It’s going to be very tough and I know they’re pretty keen on revenge after the first round,” Rae said.“If there’s going to be one (potential slip up), then this is it.”However, the Broulee coach remained upbeat and confirmed to the Bay Post/Moruya Examiner that he will put out a competitive side.“We’ll definitely have a side on the paddock and we’ll just do the best with what we’ve got,” he said.“But we might have to call upon a few old heads.”Rae even joked that he might have to dust off his old playing gear.“If all else fails, I might even pull on the boots,” he said with a laugh.The likes of Brad Dunkley, Luke Mathie, Ryan Pollock and flyhalf Chris Prow won’t be on the Broulee team sheet tomorrow, but it’s a vastly different scenario for Milton.The Platypuses struggled for player numbers earlier in the season – they even travelled to Captain Oldrey Park with just nine players – but have come across reinforcements and now have a full squad at their disposal.Those who do line-up for the Dolphins tomorrow will have plenty of time to recover as they have a bye next week after also sitting out the long weekend – a situation Rae described as “frustrating”.“It’s been a bit hit and miss and we’re not too happy but there’s not much we can do about it,” he said.“Then after this is that we’ve got another bloody bye and the worst thing is that we only have two home games in this next round.“So the locals don’t even know we’re playing and it’s disappointing when we’re trying to create interest.”This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

No let up in petrol prices on South Coast

There has been no let-up in fuel prices on the South Coast, with motorists’ wallets still hit hard evvery time they fill up.A lack of strong independent price-competitive operators is to blame, according to NSW University’s Frank Zumbo, an associate professor with the School of Business Law and Taxation.He said the problem was the same in Canberra, where prices are up to 10 cents higher than Sydney and other regional centres because of the lack of price-competitive operators.Despite the falls in wholesale prices for many weeks, the two major fuel providers in Bateman Bay – Coles/Shell and Woolworths/Caltex – have continued to sell unleaded (ethanol mix E10) at 153.9 cents per litre, despite price drops in Sydney and other regional NSW centres.The Australian Institute of Petroleum found that the average unleaded fuel price fell to 143.6 cents a litre in the week ending last Sunday. The NRMA fuel watch site recorded Sydney’s average price last week for unleaded fell from 149.5 cents per litre to 141.5 cents per litre by Wednesday afternoon.There was no corresponding drop here.In the Bay the price has remained steadfast for well over a month and does not drop during the weekly price cycles that motorists elsewhere eagerly take advantage of.Professor Zumbo claims “games” are being played with petrol prices across regional NSW because there was “no economic reason” for prices to vary so much.He said yesterday that in the past month the wholesale price for petrol had fallen by 12.5 cents a litre as a result of the world’s shaky economies causing a collapse in oil prices.“The problem lately is that, while retail prices continue to vary between regional centres, they have recently remained higher for longer periods,” he noted.“Which means motorists are not getting the lower prices they did in the past. Dangerously for motorists, those games tend to result in a bigger rip-off.”While the Petroleum Institute said city motorists could expect further savings in the next fortnight as a result of the falls in wholesale prices, South Coast motorists including those in Moruya (where it’s often higher) are not likely to benefit.Liberty service station North Batemans Bay operator Michael Keys claimed the number of service stations in the Bay had also dropped, reducing competition, with the two major operators now able to charge what they want.With his unleaded price usually lower, Mr Keys said he found their higher prices “amusing” because they sold an ethanol blend whereas his cheaper price was for pure unleaded.“It is a good thing there are still some independents here,” he noted wryly.However, Mr Keys said it was very doubtful whether the lower city prices were proving profitable for their operators.“They are not making money. They are fighting for the dollar,” he said.Long Beach customer Bruce Prior said he always went to independent operators first.“Once the big boys get control, that’s the end of it. They will charge what they want,” Mr Prior said.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Another five years for Anderson

Eurobodalla Shire Council has voted to renew general manager Paul Anderson’s contract for another five years but says it is unable to provide details of his total remuneration package until it appears in the annual report.Asked to provide details of his new pay package, a council spokesperson said “the only changes to the general manager’s package will be an increase in his contribution towards his vehicle, in line with the 2.5 per cent increase he will receive under the Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal determination (which takes into account CPI and other national economic factors) under his NSW Local Government standard contract for general managers”.A further inquiry as to the salary package in monetary terms was met with the response that: “Paul has advised me we don’t have those details yet. The general manager’s total remuneration package for 30 June 2012 will be reported in Council’s Annual Report”.Council’s media release said council had recognised the work and commitment shown by Mr Anderson by supporting a motion to renew his contract for another five years.Mayor Fergus Thomson said Mr Anderson had demonstrated his professional commitment to the council and to the people of the Eurobodalla Shire.“Paul’s first term as general manager saw council become a billion-dollar organisation,” Cr Thomson said.“Over four years council has achieved in excess of $6 million in savings and efficiency gains through his introduction of a continuous improvement approach to council’s services and facilities.”He said, since his appointment in 2008, Mr Anderson had overseen the development of council’s first Community Strategic Plan and positioned the organisation so it could deliver on its objectives through the new integrated delivery and operational plans.The mayor credited Mr Anderson with the extensive review of the organisation last year that has seen the number of senior management roles halved and the creation of a new communications team.“Council is now in a position to move into the area of social media and develop its website to improve the way it gets its messages out to the community,” Cr Thomson said.He also praised Mr Anderson’s management of council’s investments following the global financial crisis.“It was a very stressful time but Paul has very competently overseen our investments since then and managed the legal actions council has been involved in to recover some of the funds we lost.”He said Mr Anderson has also overseen council’s campaign to improve the Kings and Princes Highways and played a role in the creation of the South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SEROC) that now includes the ACT, an important contributor to the Eurobodalla economy.“As a member of the executive and chair of the general managers’ group, Paul has been actively involved in assisting SEROC to raise the profile of the south-east region of NSW and in reducing council’s costs through resource-sharing activities,” Cr Thomson said.Council also endorsed Mr Anderson’s May 29 annual performance review when it met on Tuesday.“Council recognises and greatly appreciates Paul’s performance and the commitment he has shown to the Eurobodalla community,” Cr Thomson said.Mr Anderson said he and his young family were now very settled in the Eurobodalla and he regarded the next five years as a great opportunity to guide staff as they work in the organisation’s more efficient structure and to support the new council following the local government election in September.“It will be great to see the new structure fully implemented and also to follow through our plans to introduce best practice across council,” Mr Anderson said.“I am looking forward to rolling out the delivery program and operational plan so council can deliver on the objectives of the Eurobodalla 2030 Community Strategic Plan.”This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

D’Arcy, Monk shot down over photo scandal

WHOA, whoa, whoa! Everybody, just hold your fire for a second.What an overreaction that was last week to a photo that surfaced of swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk posing with guns.Now, admittedly it wasn’t the best look for two young men who have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons in the past, but they had done nothing wrong and this was one of the biggest media beat-ups I’ve seen in a long time.Shooting, for those of you who didn’t know, is an Olympic sport!The two men fired weapons in a controlled environment at a gun range and the owner of the shop offered to take a friendly photo for a keepsake.What is wrong with that?As champion swimmer Eamon Sullivan said on Sunday, would a member of the Olympic shooting team be disciplined for being photographed in his or her swimmers? I think not.But I’ll take it one further. Would, for example, Stephanie Rice or Leisel Jones be reprimanded if they posted a photo of themselves with guns on Facebook? Again, I think not.Of course, you would think that with their previous misdemean-ours in mind, D’Arcy and Monk would’ve thought better than to post the picture on social media, but come on, let’s give them a break and let them focus on bringing home gold medals from London!HORRIBLIES RECOVER FROM SCOTTISH NIGHTMAREA week on and I’m still getting over the sleeping pill that was the so-called “Test” match between the Wallabies and Scotland.In what were terrible conditions – wind and rain hammered New-castle’s Hunter Stadium – neither side could manage a five-pointer as the Scots recorded a rare win on Aussie soil with a 9-6 triumph.To use the word “triumph” is probably an overstatement but they did win the match.Three penalty goals to two – yes, I’m sure the 20,088 spectators who braved the conditions turned up hoping to see such a nail-biter.It really begs the question, is it not time to change the scoring system in rugby?Teams are less and less likely to play for a try when three points are so freely on offer from the boot.In fairness, the Wallabies did respond in style with a hard-fought 27-19 win over Wales on Saturday night.Will Genia starred as the Aussies remembered where the try line was not once, but three times!EUROS SET CRACKING EARLY PACEThe European Champ-ionships kicked off in Poland and Ukraine over the weekend and there were some early shock results.My tip for the tournament, Holland, lost to 1992 champions Denmark 1-nil and is now in serious danger of not progressing past the group stage.However, off the field, racism has continued to show its ugly head.It just beggars belief how in this day and age people can still have that attitude.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Clyde campaigns continue in cruise control

CLYDE United maintained its dominance over the Eurobodalla Football All Age men’s competition on the long weekend with two wins from its double header.Matt Jackson’s side passed what was a tricky test at Gundary Oval on Sunday with a 3-nil win over Moruya before it backed up with an 8-nil thrashing of 10-man Narooma on Monday.Moruya held firm the first 30 minutes of play on Sunday, but its resistance cracked when Daniel Shaw headed home Matt O’Neill’s outswinging corner.The defending champions then went for the jugular before half-time and doubled their advantage a short while later.Jack Rixon went on a typically dazzling run down the wing before he rounded Blues goalkeeper Michael Kelliher and set up defender Kalian Barnes for a rare goal.United sat on its lead until the break but was tested at times by Moruya, particularly through the hard work of William Davis and Ryan Staunton.The second half was a largely scrappy affair as both sides struggled to maintain any sort of meaningful possession.The Blues had some golden chances to hit back, mainly from set pieces, but Davis and Robbie Kidd both sent their long-range efforts narrowly wide.Those misses proved telling as Clyde went 3-nil up with around 30 minutes left to play when Rixon hammered the ball into the top corner from the edge of the penalty area.United was more ruthless 24 hours later when it travelled to Dalmeny to take on a Narooma side that was missing young gun Brian Jamba, among several other key players.Shaw added to his already impressive goal tally with a brace, as O’Neill pitched in with a double and Rixon also got on the score sheet for the second match in a row.Ben Smith and Patrick Armstrong stood out for the hosts with impressive shifts in the midfield, while young striker Ivan Armstrong toiled up front with little support from his heavily depleted side.In the weekend’s other All Age men’s results, Broulee beat Bay FC 5-1 on Sunday before going down 2-nil to Bodalla on Monday.Bodalla also had a productive 48 hours with a 3-1 win over Narooma on Sunday, while Moruya only had the one match due to Bay FC’s forfeit on Monday.In the All Age ladies, Clyde United won both of its matches, with a 5-nil win over Moruya on Sunday and a 2-nil win over defending premier Broulee at Dalmeny on Monday.Those results extended United’s lead at the top of the table to nine points after 10 rounds.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Tiger cubs ground high flying Eagles

LAST month, the Bay Tigers under 18s looked a demoralised outfit when they went down by a whopping 70 points to the Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles.On Saturday night, they looked like a team ready to take on anyone after Joel Pietch’s last-minute field goal secured a dramatic 25-24 win over the same opponents.The young halfback’s heroics sealed back-to-back wins for the Bay and what is arguably the biggest upset of the Group 7 season so far.“I was totally surprised,” Tigers under 18s coach Shaun Creswell said.“We played (the Eagles) three weeks ago and they put us to the cleaners 80-10 so it was a massive turnaround.”The visitors opened the scoring early on at Mackay Park on Saturday before the Tigers hit back in the 17th minute through Nick Broad-McGregor.Pietch kick started his brilliant afternoon with a simple conversion for 6-all.The Tigers hit the front just three minutes later after some more fine work from the star halfback.Pietch broke the Eagles’ defensive line and sprinted clear but was eventually pulled down by Jordan Harty.However, Bay dummy half Mathew Temple made the most of the broken play to put winger Ronnie Brown into space and he made no mistake by touching down out wide.Pietch was again on target from the kicking tee for 12-6, an advantage the Tigers took into half-time.The Tigers let their guard down early in the second half and the Eagles took full advantage when first Brock Skelly strolled under the posts before Kurt Holloway and Josh Sainsbury added converted tries all in the space of five minutes.But that would be the last time the Eagles registered points as the Bay launched an audacious comeback.Alex O’Connell got the ball rolling when he crossed after Dillion Johnston’s neat flick pass before two late tries from centre Sean Connell levelled the scores with less than a minute to play.However, that was all the time Pietch needed to slot a field goal and send the home fans into raptures.“Everyone was thrilled (with the win) and I’ve let them know that if that’s the effort they put in, the results will come,” Creswell said.First grade scoreboard:ALBION PARK-OAK FLATS EAGLES 30 (D Sartori 3, Derek Gray, Matthew Stone tries; M Carroll 5 goals) defeated BATEMANS BAY TIGERS 18 (N Wood, A McCann, A Stone, M Hensley tries; Wood goal).Under 18s scoreboard:BATEMANS BAY TIGERS 25 (S Connell 2, A O’Connell, N Broad-McGregor tries, J Pietch 4 goals, Pietch field goal) defeated ALBION PARK-OAK FLATS EAGLES 24 (B Skelly 2, K Holloway, J Sainsbury tries; Skelly 4 goals).This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Fox pleased despite another loss

BAY Tigers coach Deryck Fox believes his side has “turned a corner” despite losing for the fifth time in a row on Saturday night.Fox’s injury-depleted side led for 58 minutes before going down 30-18 to the fast-finishing Albion Park-Oak Flats Eagles at Mackay Park.However, a spirited display from his players had Fox in an upbeat mood after the match.“I just asked for a little bit of heart from everybody today and that’s what I got,” he said.“We showed some creativity and the boys tackled themselves to a standstill, so I can’t ask for any more than that.“The guys have got self-belief now and I’m hoping this is a turning point for the second half of the season.”Eagles’ fullback Danny Sartori was the undisputed star of the show with a hat-trick, while halfback Matt Carroll also put on a classy performance.The home side got off to the best possible start in the icy cold conditions when fullback Nathan Wood touched down and then converted for 6-nil after five minutes.The Eagles looked shell-shocked and countless handling errors meant they struggled for field position throughout the first half.Batemans Bay made the most of the situation and extended its lead in the 23rd minute when young winger Adam McCann somehow grounded Rhys Burazor’s neat grubber kick.Full of new-found confidence, the Tigers continued to surge forward and thought they had a third try when Wood barged over in the 30th minute.However, celebrations were cut short as referee William Drury ruled the fullback had lost control.Then a minute later, Sartori collected his own chip kick and scored under the posts to reduce the deficit to four at half-time.Whatever Fox said to his players in the sheds worked a treat as the Bay started the second half as it did the first – at a high tempo with and without the ball.And when Burazor’s well-placed kick earned the Tigers repeat sets in the 52nd minute, it set up dummy half Adam Stone to score and put the hosts ahead 14-6.But that was as good as it got for the home side as Sartori and Carroll combined to devastating effect.Sartori completed his treble either side of Derek Gray’s 64th-minute try as the Eagles put the match out of the Bay’s reach.Winger Matthew Stone put the icing on the cake for the visitors for 30-14 in the 76th minute before Mat Hensley’s acrobatic leap two minutes later was mere consolation for the Tigers.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.