Councillors oblivious to real costs

Parents understand that the cost of children bears little relationship to their allowances.Business managers and accountants are acutely aware that salaries are only a portion of the cost of staff.But our councillors seem unable to recognise that it is the aggregate of what councillors cost us that matters, not the amount councillors pocket.Costs documented to our councillors by council’s accountants average nearly $100,000 per councillor for the year.Meanwhile, our general manager personally churns through another $506,000 in wages and sundries.These costs are on the public record in Eurobodalla Shire Council Statement of Council and Committee Costs; Attachment 2; Eurobodalla Shire Council Management Plan 01/07/2011 – 31/03/2012.No councillor disputed these costs when they studied the Management Plan.The Mayor’s Memoand Councillor Morton (Bay Post/Moruya Examiner, June 13) malign my reference to these costs as totally misleading, fictitious sensationalism and mischievous.They refer to my “letter about councillor remuneration” and contend that councillors take home modest amounts.But I have not written any letter about councillor remuneration. Their remuneration is decided by the State. It is a minor portion of what councillors cost us and a distraction they introduce to evade the bigpicture.Councillors are unwilling to separate their obsessive interest in personal remuneration from their responsibility to look objectively at all expenditure from the point of view of the ratepayers they are elected to represent.The guardians of our funds refuse to consider the large variation between their remuneration and the amount they cost the community.They care too little to look for any scope for savings. Yet they have a responsibility to lead council by example.Our mayor denies that the figures “reflect the cost to the community of its elected representatives”. It is not clear whether he believes the Management Plan has unreliable or fraudulent figures, or whether he dreams the accumulated costs will be paid by some other community.Either the figures or the mayor lack credibility.Don BurnsTuross HeadThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲培训学校.