How would you go on The Amazing Race

WithIN a word, badly.Every time I watch that show I think “however big the pot of gold is at the end of this rainbow, it can’t be worth it – people, just turn around and go home”.When I see the words “Bobby and Jenny – dating, in fourth place” at the bottom of the screen as the said couple are battling their way through the streets of Istanbul, I half expect to tune in next week and see “Bobby and Jenny – no longer dating and in fact not talking either, in last place”.My only hope of not being the first eliminated would lie with my wife, whom I would imagine I would be teamed with.She has the practical brains, logic and composure in ourmarriage.The other day when I couldn’t find a house in Batehaven, instead of panicking and telling me what a boofhead I was, she remained calm and told me how clever I was and that this was why we would get there on time.As a result, we did. Having said this, if I struggle to find an address in Batehaven, how would I go looking for a statue in Guatemala or a Mickey Mouse watch hidden under a pile of rocks in Uzbekistan?I love travelling and I usually manage to find the things I’m looking for, whether it be Macchu Picchu in Peru, St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia or the Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai.However, this is usually due to luck and the kindness of strangers who can spot a clueless tourist when they see one.Deadlines, schedules and specific instructions have never been my go.In The Amazing Race I’d get sent to find Big Ben and end up at a pie factory.I’d be sent to the Great Wall of China and end up at a car dealership. I’d be sent to the Grand Canyon and end up at ANZ Stadium. I’d be sent to Stonehenge and end up at Nimbin.No, I won’t be applying to join The Amazing Race any time soon.WithI like to think I could handle such a challenge but, realistically, I don’t think I’d go very well.First, my patience level would have to double, maybe quadruple, just to be able to put up with whomever my team-mate was, or the producers would have some great quality reality television on their hands.See, I’m the sort of person who likes to make all the decisions and, yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit of a control freak.I don’t know how the contestants hold it together and put up with each other.The anxiety, pressure and backstabbing would make my blood boil within the first five minutes.Being in the media makes me feel like I’m racing all the time but, somehow, I think an epic non-stop race around the world would be a little bit different.For one thing, I find it hard to make decisions while travelling.It’s taken me three days just to decide what bag I should take with me on my overseas trip to Japan and Thailand this week.Wheels or backpack?If it came down to it, I would find it incredibly hard when contestants have to choose which activity they have to do, and to keep my cool at the same time.I think being adventurous is another quality contestants have to possess, which I can do at times, just as long as activities don’t involve snakes, spiders or relying on a rope for dear life.I went abseiling in March and I thought I was going to die.I don’t think that’s Amazing Race material.Being on The Amazing Race would be literally amazing (sorry, I know it’s a no-no to use the same word twice in a sentence, but how else was I going to put it?) but I think I’d prefer to see the world at a slower pace.I’d also love not to have cameras shoved in my face, watching my every move and capturing every meltdown.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.