Renovators dream results in regional award

CREATIVE DESIGN: Architects Ross Hill and Colin Irwin from i architecture with builders Bruce and Richard Preston and the plaque their recent renovation won. A RENOVATION that draws in an ocean view secured the award for Best Renovation and Addition between $100,001-$200,000.The award was presented to Kangaroo Valley builder Bruce Preston and his son Richard at this year’s Master Builders Association South East Region Building Awards of Excellence.The renovation was on part of a house on Penguins Head Road, Culburra Beach.Nowra architect Colin Irwin designed the improvements which involved removing obstructions to the view and virtually creating a wall the length of the house from glass.Mr Irwin pointed out with this project, as was often the case with good design, it was all the things that you can’t see that helped make this an award winning design.“Details like making the internal floor the same height as the deck with nothing to step over.“Our biggest challenge was getting the largest, high performance glass sliding door possible.“Those glass panels ended up being the largest Hanlon Windows had ever built.“The focus for this project really was on the glazing,” he said.Mr Preston has been building locally for 30 years and since his son joined him in 2009 had won industry awards each year.“We are fussy and we like working on upmarket houses.“The thing is with a renovation you don’t know what’s there until you start taking things apart.“But it is the old story like with any complicated job you chunk it down and nut out how you are going to do it bit by bit,” he said.The judges commented on the restricted access to the site and Mr Preston was pleased to hear that recognition because a lack of access presented the biggest challenge.“With the awning we couldn’t fit down the side of the house, so had to bring it through next door and that took about 10 men to carry.“And while those glass doors are a delight, it took four people to lift them into place,” he said.“But it was a pleasurable place to work and the clients were good to work with.”This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.