They paved paradise, and put up a marina

The Hancock-Irwin Callala marina proposes to forever obliterate the natural beauties of Callala Point with a multi-story parking and shopping block over eight metres high, and roads raised on sea-walls over three metres high.They propose to destroy a living eco-system, lock up a public lagoon, bury a fascinating rock platform in the inter-tidal area, as a private parking lot for rich boat-people. Shame!This most prominent headland between Callala Bay and Callala Beach villages is a gem set between the sparkling beaches.  This beauty defines Shoalhaven.  The tranquil lagoon and tidal rock pools are a wonderland of dolphins, fish, sea-dragons, visiting whales and their calves, perfect for snorkelling or kayaking, learning to sail, drift-fishing, or just rock rambling with children or grand-children.Jervis Bay is reserved as a Marine Park to save the un-spoilt visual environment and living eco-systems for future generations… not to be destroyed constructing a lock-up for rich folks’ oversize boats, not to be wangled as a devious shopping mall site, not for selfish greed.On every land site in Callala villages, under JBREP, a building applicant must assess impact on natural and visual values, especially near a coastal dune, rocky headland or creek.No house may be prominent or detract from the natural heritage. Does this marina “maintain the visual quality of a water body, a wetland or a foreshore dune?” No way.  Does this marina let the landscape, not the structures, be the dominant feature? Never!This Callala Marina proposes to destroy all natural visual qualities of the headland, the rock platform, the surf-break, the tranquil lagoon, the outlook from everywhere around Callala waters… for a dammed parking lot, a concrete wasteland. Shame!Offering a grassed roof on a huge concrete blockhouse is insulting green-wash about a multi-storey monstrosity that steals public space and blots all views!  Remember the song: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.  They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!”Let marina schemers buy private land suitably zoned in which to dig their boat bay, build their retail and industrial facilities. Take no public space. We want no sleight, no spin, no dodgy marina, no vandalism  on Callala headland… or in its bay.  Think again and go away.D Marshall,Callala Bay.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.