Let love be love; it won’t do harm

ON reading the long and detailed analysis on same sex marriage from P. Young from Greta, I felt compelled to respond from an open minded point of view rather than base my view on black and white, shapes and colours and importantly a lack of respect from those that may not fit under P. Young’s narrow minded point of view.Let me clarify that I am a proud 62-year-old dad to three beautiful daughters and equally proud to be stepdad to two step children whom I love so much. Throw in three granddaughters and I may not seem your ideal advocate for supporting gay rights and gay marriage.What’s important is that they all have the confidence to declare exactly who they are, exactly how they feel and not have any fear of not fitting the mould of P. Young’s world.What I do support is human rights without reservation and without any bias: the right of one human being to give unconditional love to another without fear of feeling that that they will be discriminated against.P. Young points out that same sex couples cannot have children of their own therefore nullifying an appropriate union. Interesting observation. Then why not include heterosexual couples that cannot conceive or couples that choose to not have children for whatever reasons. That is their journey and not for others to judge.Not once did I see the word “love” in P.Young’s letter. If you truly wish to set our gay brothers and sisters free then accept that you are not the arbitrator, you are not a guide to human behaviour and you fail to be tolerant of situations that you fail to understand.Let love be love regardless of your view, it will not harm you in any way unlike the sadness we see daily on lack of respect of human rights worldwide, perhaps just perhaps your life will be enriched.J. Tarrant,Berry.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.