We salute a young mother and her courage and determination

THE ability to turn unimaginable loss into something positive takes strength of character with which only a few of us are blessed.Finding out your outwardly healthy child has died in its sleep has to rank as one of the hardest traumas a person is ever likely to face. For most, the shock and loss would be paralysing.Not for Jayme McEvoy, who on Friday turned her grief at losing her baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) towards a positive outcome by hosting a highly successful fundraiser for Red Nose Day at Greenwell Point.With a huge turnout, the event looked set on Friday to have raised four times the amount expected, which goes to show what one determined person can achieve with some help from the community.Jayme and her husband Blake lost their son Noah three months ago but she has barely had time to grieve, deciding to organise the fundraiser to help advance awareness and knowledge about SIDS.The community and local businesses pitched in and the day was successful beyond all expectations.More important even than the money raised is the inspiration and strength displayed by this young mother on a very important mission.We salute Jayme for her courage and determination to do what she can to advance our understanding of the syndrome that tears so many lives apart.We also salute the people who shared her strength on Friday, making the fundraiser such a big success.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.