Council bows to Coles in trolley backflip

TRASH: Despite large piles of abandoned shopping trolleys being retrieved from the Shoalhaven River each year, Shoalhaven City Council has abandoned attempts to force supermarkets to install coin-operated trolley locks.AFTER years of trying to cajole, convince and even force local supermarkets to install coin-operated shopping trolleys, Shoalhaven City Council has done a complete backflip.Deputy mayor Cr Andrew Guile said trying to force retailers to use coin-operated trolleys to reduce the number of shopping trolleys abandoned in streets, parks and waterways was “wrong”.“We did a very silly thing,” he told Tuesday night’s Shoalhaven City Council meeting.“We got it wrong.”Cr Guile said he hoped all shops would remove coin-operated trolleys rather than “disadvantaging everyone for the sake of a few people who always do the wrong thing”.In November last year council introduced a policy requiring all future supermarkets, department stores and substantial retail outlets to have keylock coin operated shopping trolleys “to take effect immediately”, and encouraged existing retail outlets to install the trolleys.However when the draft policy was exhibited Coles Supermarkets responded by saying most customers, particularly the elderly and people with children, did not like the coin-operated trolleys.It also said council’s decision eliminated the potential use of new trolley technology as it became available and enforced “an ineffectual system by comparison”.Coles said it was looking at trialling an electronic system in 40 stores that effectively locked a trolley’s wheels if it was taken out of the shopping centre’s perimeter.In addition many coin locks had been damaged by vandals, while customers had been approached by people wanting to steal the coins used to operate them, Coles claimed.Mayor Paul Green noted the coin-operated trolleys “has not limited as much as I thought it would, the issue of these trolleys becoming environmental hazards”.He also noted coin-operated trolleys had presented problems for elderly people having to walk back to supermarkets from their cars in inclement weather to return them and retrieve their coins.Instead of taking a heavy hand on enforcing coin-operated trolley locks, council decided to implement a plan of management encouraging a range of trolley containment systems that encouraged the confinement of shopping trolleys to the retailer’s premises.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.