Deception was a heavy call

WHAT J. Kerr of Huskisson fails to mention in last Wednesday’s letter regarding Mrs Lockwood’s deputation to the development committee over building heights in Huskisson was the allegation that council was “deceiving the community” in allowing property owners to continue to comment on DCP 99. Deception is a pretty heavy call when you think about it. So after politely thanking Mrs Lockwood for her presentation, I asked a couple of questions.Firstly, to say that council is “deceiving the community” implies an element of corruption in all this and given the transparent and inclusive process council has followed on this issue, where is the evidence of deception? The follow-up had the effect of inviting Mrs Lockwood to withdraw her allegation of deception since there did not seem to be any evidence to support it.It was all done quite civilly and without any raised voices, but yes, I was asking Mrs Lockwood to be accountable for the suggestion she had made on behalf of her association. Staff spent considerable time at the meeting outlining the process with all the factors involved but unfortunately there was no reconsideration of the appropriateness of such a slur.There is an election almost upon us… but wouldn’t it be great to focus on the issues rather than resorting to the personal?A. Guile,Deputy Mayor,Shoalhaven City Council.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.