Fishers wait for details

PARK PLAN: Map shows proposed marine park off Jervis BayWITH a 2880 square kilometre area off Jervis Bay included in the federal government’s proposal for a network of marine parks, local commercial fishermen are unsure how they might be affected.The area starts at the continental shelf 18km east of Jervis Bay and extends 72km out to sea.It’s divided into two areas – special purpose for the closer one and multiple use for the other – with the proposed zoning of IUCN VI for both meaning it will be “managed to ensure long-term protection and maintenance of biological diversity with a sustainable flow of natural products and services to meet community needs”.Currarong commercial fisherman Paul Zaccagnini, who owns local seafood restaurant Zacs, said the new zoning wouldn’t affect him as he doesn’t fish that far out.Greenwell Point commercial fisherman Bill Innes said it was too soon to say.“Nothing is set in concrete yet. It depends what they prohibit in the area. If it’s bottom trawling that won’t affect us, we don’t trawl,” said Mr Innes.“If it has anything to do with tuna fishing or line fishing it will affect us.”Mr Innes has been fishing with his brother Ian since 1956. He used to trawl but 20 years ago when fishing became regulated he changed to live bait fishing and now catches tuna, kingfish and bonito for the Sydney Fish Market.“At the moment as far as I hear they are only protecting the bottom, because of some gulper shark. They say it needs protecting, but it’s doing something after the horse has bolted.“When trawlers were catching gemfish in the 1980s they probably annihilated them then – they weren’t worth catching.”This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.