There are bigger road priorities

I NOTED the front page article of the SCR edition on Monday, June 11.The picture shows John and Flo Evison at the top of a rise in the public road named Reservoir Lane in Cambewarra just before the entrance to their residence at the end of this road.Having just driven this laneway myself, I find it to be pretty tricky under the wet conditions we have had over the past two days but was able to traverse it comfortably.However, I would not want to have to do so if I was in Mr and Mrs Evison’s position.Having said this, it will require considerable funds even to fill the tracks with road base and that will also wash away in even moderate rainfall due to the steep climb in a couple of places.With the amount of remedial road repairs needed throughout the entire Shoalhaven, one would have to ask the question, can this road take precedence just for two homes and a small farm outbuilding? The other homes on this lane are right at the entry from Nooramunga Avenue. Thus there is no problem for them. Indeed Tannery Road in the village leading up to there is in extremely poor condition itself.While I sympathise greatly with the Evisons, whoever it was that placed the private road sign at the beginning of the lane is certainly not doing the Evisons any favours by falsely indicating the lane’s status. Is it a public thoroughfare entitled to ratepayers’ funds being spent on it? Or is it a private road?You can’t have it both ways.B. Graffham,Sanctuary Point.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.