Nowra needs a good clean-up

AS a long time resident of Shoalhaven I agree with comments of late about the appearance of the town.The only good road is behind HMAS Albatross; the rest are a disgrace.I remember talking to a councillor five elections ago – that’s 20 years ago – about the decline of the roads then. The councillor just shook his head and agreed. Berry Street should be condemned; all that has been done to it is the white lines have been repainted.Council should sell some of its caravan parks and sink the money into our roads. When the entertainment centre was built Bridge Road was top sealed.Some time ago in a letter to the editor a former councillor wrote of his vision for the city – the need for more infrastructure, to do away with the old pool and get a hotel where the Riverhaven is. How nice would it be to drive south across the bridge and see a large hotel all lit up.It takes an entrepreneurial council to ask a hotel chain to come here – then again we have not had an entrepreneurial council over the years.Whatever happened to the botanical garden on the highway?To have our councillors walk around town to see where the problems are is a joke. The pavers outside Coles have been loose ever since they were laid, our buildings need a clean-up, Stewart Place looks shabby, in particular the Telstra building, and the footpaths are a mess. I have seen many people stumble.Developers will not come here while council listens to NIMBYs – you only have to see the minority whingeing about the cancer centre at the hospital.Councillors were elected to make decisions on our behalf and that’s the way it should be – you can’t please everyone.One can only hope when Jo Gash gets in as mayor she will get a broom with a rocket behind it, clean up the town, encourage developers and get the place looking good again.P. Drury,Nowra.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.