Cabonne rejects Peter Andren Way

LAKE Canobolas Road resident Borry Gartrell said he was disappointed Cabonne Council rejected his proposal to rename Mount Canobolas Road Peter Andren Way. Mr Gartrell said he wanted the name change to honour the contribution Peter Andren made to the area during his political career. Mr Andren was an independent member for the House of Representatives from 1996 until 2007, representing Calare. “I’m really disappointed and mystified,” he said.“To my knowledge the road doesn’t have an official name.”According to the asset managers’ report, the change of name would cause confusion for members of the community, particularly emergency services.Mr Gartrell said it would benefit emergency services.“The road was locally named Mount Canobolas Road but that’s not an official name,” he said.“People often get confused between Canobolas Road, Lake Canobolas Road and Mount Canobolas Road, so there is room for a bit of clarity.”The managers’ report said it would not be cost-effective to change the name.“It is unlikely local landowners and businesses would want the inconvenience of having to change their address and bear costs of changing addresses on items such as business cards and brochures and may likely oppose such a proposal to change the name,” the report said.Mr Gartrell said he would raise the issue with council again.“I thought this was an ideal way of commemorating him,” he said.Council resolved that an alternative way to commemorate Peter Andren would be considered. Council have not yet decided on an any memorial.“I hope something really significant would take its place,” Mr Gartrell said.“He deserves more than just a tree planting.”[email protected]南京夜网 CRYSTAL CLEAR: Borry Gartrell says renaming Mount Canobolas Road Peter Andren Way would eliminate confusion. Photo: JEFF DEATH 0716jdgartrell01This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Teens learn the positive benefits of exercise

FEELING BETTER: Aymie-J Goozeff and her daughter Carly-Jade join participants in Nowra High School’s teen lifestyle workshop Autumn Ford, Whitney Economos, Emma Bywater, Chloe Griffiths, Geena Albany, Heidi Barnett, Caitlyn Stargatt, Brittaney Mas-O’Reilly and Angela Miller.BODY image, self esteem and resilience were among the topics covered in a special teen lifestyle workshop run in recent weeks for a small group of girls at Nowra High School.The course spent most of the term looking at issues as diverse as acceptance, respect for others, the benefits of exercise in improving attitudes and mental health and the importance of good nutrition.The program for girls in years 7, 8 and 9 was put together under the guidance of the school’s year 8 adviser Lauren Clerke, with the weekly lessons taught by make-up artist and fitness instructor Aymie-J Goozeff.She said the workshops were all about educating and empowering teenage girls, working to overcome negative talk and people putting themselves down through positive reinforcement and push-ups as punishment.The course participants said taking part in the workshop had an impact on their lives.“I’ve learnt how to smile again and mean it,” said Autumn Ford.“I’m more confident in my body.“I’m not ashamed to be who I am,” she said.The girls revealed constant media images put a lot of pressure on teenagers.“Everyone expects you to be perfect but nobody is,” said Caitlyn Stargatt.“Everyone’s perfect in their own different ways,” said Angela Miller.“It’s made me feel better about myself, because I used to feel not very good about myself,” said Heidi Barnett.At the same time Chloe Griffiths spoke about becoming proud of who she was and building her self-esteem as a result of the course.A more positive attitude was reflected in the fact, “I’ve learnt not to say I can’t,” she added.All spoke of increased confidence and feeling better about themselves as a result of the course, which was run with the backing of Firm Fitness in Nowra.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

RBT evader caught after police pursuit

A DRIVER who failed to stop for a random breath test has been arrested along with his 19-year-old Woollamia passenger.The 37-year-old driver of no fixed address was driving a red Holden ute in the early hours of Sunday morning when he drove by a random breath test unit on the Princes Highway.The police followed in pursuit, using tyre deflation devices near Comberton Grange Road at Falls Creek.The ute came to stop in a paddock one kilometre further south and both the driver and passenger ran away.A police dog unit found the 19-year-old, while a search uncovered drugs in his possession.The driver was caught on Jervis Bay Road in Falls Creek and charged with driving at dangerous speed (Skye’s Law), driving while disqualified, domestic violence intimidation and breach of bail.He was refused bail and will appear in Nowra Local Court today.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Bridal expo attracts hundreds

WINNER: Hayley Dolphin from Wrights Beach takes out the 2012 South Coast Register Bridal Expo Bride of the Year.MORE than 400 people filled the Bomaderry Bowling club yesterday for the annual South Coast Register Bridal Expo.The day was a huge success said co-ordinator Tracey Kennedy.“The fashion parade was really good. It ran so smoothly and the clothes were beautiful,” said Mrs Kennedy.Competition was strong for the Bride of the Year competition and the winner was Hayley Dolphin from Wrights Beach.“She was so happy and she looked beautiful,” said Mrs Kennedy.The annual expo provides a meeting place for brides-to-be to and local wedding operators.It also serves to launch the South Coast Register’s annual Shoalhaven Weddings magazine.For the first time the expo hosted a creche and plenty of youngsters were kept busy playing and colouring in while mum and dad had a chance to check out the stalls and fashions.• More photos from the day will appear in Wednesday’s South Coast Register.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Outback adventure had a career focus

ON SITE: Year 9 Nowra High School student Kade O’Rourke in the outback for work experience.KADE O’Rourke from Worrigee recently took part in what could be called extreme work experience.Over nine days in June the year 9 Nowra High School student visited the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia with a film crew from an organisation known as Ngaanyatjarra Media (NG Media).Through family friends based in the outback Mr O’Rourke was told about a documentary being filmed by NG Media in an Aboriginal community in Wingellina, six kilometres from Surveyors Corner, where the borders of the three states meet.“I want to get into making documentaries. Once NG Media agreed and I had been granted permission to enter the lands of the Ngaayatjarra Council I was off,” he said.“I flew from Sydney to Uluru. I was then driven four hours across South Australia and into Western Australia.“We were working on a documentary about the people who used to live in the mission at Warburton in Western Australia.“I helped film them and interviewed them for a radio documentary as well.“I stayed in a house in the town and we travelled around in the car, set up to do filming and interviews.“I also spent a few days in a recording studio, during that time we set up a studio for a local band.“I did sound editing for the documentary.“The thing I enjoyed most was filming in the desert, just sitting in the dirt filming people.“The people were all very friendly and were happy to chat with us.“I definitely want to get into the media industry after this.”Mr O’Rourke said spending the days of his work experience time in an office was never going to be for him.“I had been thinking about doing something like this for some time but I was expecting to go to Sydney, not the outback.“It was a very exciting thing to have done.“Most of my friends were like why would you go to the desert for work experience, but if they went out there they would understand.“It’s an amazing place.“I’m hoping to go back in September to help finish off the documentary.“There will be a big festival on then so I might be helping out with that too,” he said.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Bomaderry man missing

POLICE are appealing to the public for assistance in finding a man who went missing from his Bomaderry home last Wednesday.POLICE are appealing to the public for assistance in finding a man who went missing from his Bomaderry home last Wednesday.William Manning, aged 35, was reported missing after a friend went to his home in Bowada Street and he was not there.A number of his personal belongings were left behind including his mobile phone and house keys.Mr Manning is described as Caucasian and of medium build with short brown hair. He drives a silver Ford Focus, with NSW registration B178BY.Police hold concerns for the welfare of Mr Manning and are asking for anyone who has seen him or has information about his whereabouts to contact Nowra Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.• William ManningThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Bed rail rule causes concerns

FEARFUL: Betty Doyle of Sanctuary Point fears her husband will die if he joins a growing list of nursing home residents who have fallen from their beds.BETTY Doyle fears her husband will die if he joins a growing list of nursing home residents who have fallen from their beds in recent days.Mrs Doyle’s husband of nearly 60 years, Kevin, is a resident at the Coastal Waters nursing home, where staff told Mrs Doyle they were forced to leave safety rails on beds down due to new government legislation banning them being left up.Mrs Doyle said a couple of people at the nursing home had already fallen from their beds and her husband might be next.Mr Doyle is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and is thin and weak.“In his state a fall will kill him,” Mrs Doyle said.She said she had already signed paperwork to say she wanted rails up on the beds to protect her husband but years later that paperwork was no longer being honoured.“I would have thought I had a choice,” she said.Mrs Doyle, who visits the nursing home every day to feed her 83-year-old husband lunch, said several carers were furious at the changes.“One girl threatened to sue if anything happened to her father,” she said.The NSW Nurses Association has also had complaints and spokesperson Paul Collier said it was following up the issue.“It’s a concern to the Nurses Association if employers are not providing a safe environment for residents,” Mr Collier said.State and federal government departments were unable to say on Friday whether they had introduced legislation that might have forced the changes in nursing homes but each said the other level of government might be responsible.However regulations in aged care list bed rails as restraints, suggesting their use should be limited as they had been shown to contribute to injuries.Several audits had also returned adverse finding for bed rails.A spokesperson for Coastal Waters said bed rails could be used only when consent had been provided by family and a doctor, in line with legislation.“The safety and well being of our residents is our number one priority,” the spokesperson said.“The team at Coastal Waters assesses the use of bed rails at the facility utilising the recommended criteria and in line with relevant legislation, research and best practice in this area.”Mrs Doyle said she provided written advice a few years ago saying she wanted bed rails used.She said while her husband was no longer able to walk or stand without assistance, he had a habit of placing his legs on the rails in the past when they were up.That caused sores but, “To me that’s preferable to him falling off the bed, because that could be fatal.”This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.


SEEING RED: Jayme McEvoy was supported by friends and family in hosting a popular fundraiser for Red Nose Day on Friday.SIDS fundraiser attracts hundredsJAYME and Blake McEvoy lost their baby boy Noah to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome three months ago but on Friday they contributed to saving countless lives in the future.The couple put their grieving on hold to co-ordinate what became a wave of community support for Red Nose Day on Friday.All morning it was standing room only at Greenwell Point Community Hall during the SIDS fundraising event, an event held in the memory of all babies who died from the disease.Mrs McEvoy’s mother Julie Baxter from Nowra said she was proud of her daughter who had been so strong only months after losing her baby boy.“She has been amazing.“This all started as a morning tea in her garage with a few people.“Red Nose Day was being advertised and she said we should do something for it.“That was a little over a month ago. Now look – here we are surrounded by hundreds of people.“People just wanted to support this and donate to it.“Our initial goal was to raise $5000 but now we’re looking at $20,000.“I’m amazed, it has just been awesome. It’s pram city in the hall, I think at one point I counted about 18 prams.”Jayme was supported by 42 volunteers who helped out in every way.“All these people who volunteered are so wonderful,” she said.“This would not have happened without them.“It’s only been three months since we lost Noah and I’ve got to have proper grieving time yet, but this has been 29 days of chaos.”Friend and local business owner Heather Simpson, who owns Kiddywinkles, said she too was overwhelmed by the community and business support for the fundraiser.“I asked our suppliers to donate and we ended up with about $4000 worth of stock.“I’ve never seen anything like it.“This is something people are passionate about.“Jayme is an amazing woman, a tower of strength,” she said.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

You want facts? Here are some

IN relation to the South Coast Register letter ‘Better to speak facts not fiction’ (June 27): Yes, I agree, facts are always good, S. Smith, no arguments there, so here are some important facts:1. It is public knowledge I am a council candidate. It has been reported in the South Coast Register a number of times, Radio 2ST, etc. I have also been contributing to the South Coast Register’s online forum for some time. I send my Letters to the Editor on-line which has fields for a name and address which I have always done. What is your connection to the Liberal Party? A quick Google search indeed shows the connection.2. Check previous comments and you will find I have consistently argued against dual political roles, not just in relation to this election. My increased focus is so the same mistakes will not be made again. Even the initial article in the South Coast Register about me standing for council showed my disappointment with observing councillors missing a good number of committee meetings, and a large part of that is due to dual political roles.3. Check the salaries – they are not the same as you state. The Remuneration tribunal shows a base salary of $185,000 (in reality the actual salary is much higher) for a federal member of the House of Representatives and $139,544 for a Member of the NSW Legislative Council; the Illawarra Mercury (June 25, 2011) shows a combined MP for Kiama plus council salary of $150,780.4. It is my understanding that there have been reports in the media by Mayor Green acknowledging the difficulties in workload of dual political roles and holding the two positions at the same time. Cr Ward also virtually immediately stepped down from the deputy mayor position upon becoming the Member for Kiama. Even the NSW government has realised the difficulties with dual political roles. I wonder what was behind the sudden turnaround to exclude federal MPs from the legislation.5. Trust fund for the community? What’s it got to do with a trust fund? We need a full-time mayor with full-time accountability for the Shoalhaven and a full-time federal member for Gilmore – that’s what our rates and taxes are for. We don’t pay $185,000+ in taxes for a federal member to be absent to work on local government issues. Our area deserves 100 per cent full-time commitment to each of federal and local issues.6. Time to the next election? Media articles mentioning Mrs Gash as a mayoral candidate specifically mention an election later in 2013, so it is highly likely there is considerable time until the next election while in a dual political role. As I write this, our MP for Gilmore is in parliament in Canberra. Straight after the council election for around two weeks, our MP for Gilmore will be in Parliament in Canberra. You make no mention of the actual number of parliament sitting days until later in 2013. Why? Because there are a considerable number of weeks away in total.7. All politics is not always local government, and I am sure that is why there are three separate levels of government, all with separate accountabilities and separate income streams, ie, income tax vs local rates. While it may cross over the same local area, the responsibilities are importantly separate for a reason.8. We didn’t vote for Ann Sudmalis as our current federal member for Gilmore, and I don’t think we operate under a proxy government system.Yes, facts are indeed good, S. Smith.F. Phillips,Callala Beach.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Let love be love; it won’t do harm

ON reading the long and detailed analysis on same sex marriage from P. Young from Greta, I felt compelled to respond from an open minded point of view rather than base my view on black and white, shapes and colours and importantly a lack of respect from those that may not fit under P. Young’s narrow minded point of view.Let me clarify that I am a proud 62-year-old dad to three beautiful daughters and equally proud to be stepdad to two step children whom I love so much. Throw in three granddaughters and I may not seem your ideal advocate for supporting gay rights and gay marriage.What’s important is that they all have the confidence to declare exactly who they are, exactly how they feel and not have any fear of not fitting the mould of P. Young’s world.What I do support is human rights without reservation and without any bias: the right of one human being to give unconditional love to another without fear of feeling that that they will be discriminated against.P. Young points out that same sex couples cannot have children of their own therefore nullifying an appropriate union. Interesting observation. Then why not include heterosexual couples that cannot conceive or couples that choose to not have children for whatever reasons. That is their journey and not for others to judge.Not once did I see the word “love” in P.Young’s letter. If you truly wish to set our gay brothers and sisters free then accept that you are not the arbitrator, you are not a guide to human behaviour and you fail to be tolerant of situations that you fail to understand.Let love be love regardless of your view, it will not harm you in any way unlike the sadness we see daily on lack of respect of human rights worldwide, perhaps just perhaps your life will be enriched.J. Tarrant,Berry.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.