My Fabulous First Inland City

I COME from a town that is bagged by some, the weather, the people, no water, so on,
Nanjing Night Net

They can’t wait to leave; they call it a hole, to move somewhere nice – that is their goal.

Well get on your bike, move away from this town, we don’t need you constantly bringing us down,

‘Cause this town is great and it stays in your heart, away for a week, or 10 years apart.

It’s there with its parks and its streets and its mall, that same old nightclub – where we’ve all had a ball.

But it is the people that make it the best, heart so full of pride it could burst in my chest.

They’ll be there when you laugh, they’ll be there when you cry, no matter how long, you can always rely.

There’s a bond that you have when you’re from a small town, it’s nothing to fear, there’s no need to frown.

You’ve known kids since kindy, or high school, from sport, sneaking out to a party and then getting caught,

Their siblings, their parents and even their nans, their pops and their cousins it just never ends.

When tragedy strikes or if you’re ever in trouble, your mates from back home will be there on the double,

You might go to uni, you might move away, but a small little piece of you’ll always stay.

In times of sadness, when you’re falling apart, remember this, it’ll help warm your heart.

I’m so proud of my fabulous first inland city, but what first got me thinking is still such a pity.




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This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.